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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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Regards, Andy Johnson

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

11th Hour Theatre Company

11th Hour has emerged as Philadelphia’s premier boutique musical theatre company. Our work focuses on presenting intimate, character-driven stories rather than flashy, budget-busting spectacles. Our hope is that these stories prove the relevance of musical theatre in the contemporary world, engaging audiences and inspiring the next generation of musical theatre artists for years to come.
We produce a broad spectrum of musicals that fill a niche in the diverse Philadelphia theatre landscape: musicals that spark the creativity of our artists and the imaginations of our audience. In the 2014-2015 season, we produced our first world premiere, Michael Ogborn’s Field Hockey Hot, which was a smashing success, and motivated us to create one of the first original cast albums to come out of Philadelphia in years. Over the past eleven seasons, we have produced seventeen full-scale musicals, nine of which were Philadelphia premieres. Our hugely popular Next Step Concert Series is a staged-reading series that showcases musicals seldom seen in Philadelphia. In addition to Field Hockey Hot, the company has contributed to the development of several new musicals beginning with Angst, a ten-minute musical that premiered in the Spark Festival of 2005. We produced the American premiere of Austentatious that went on to success at the New York Musical Theatre Festival; and a 29-hour reading of Fantasy Football, the Musical? before its production at New York University. Both Austentatious and Fantasy Football have since been published and are now professionally licensed. In the fall of 2014, we partnered with University of the Arts to workshop Persephone Unplugged, a new twist on the classic Greek myth.
11th Hour’s devotion to strong narratives and virtuosic music has earned a generous amount of critical acclaim. Philadelphia Magazine critic David Fox hailed the company as “the most significant force for new musical theatre in the city.” Theatre critic Howard Shapiro has described 11th Hour as “an inventive, bold and thoughtful producer that offers something special.” Mark Cofta celebrated our recent production of See What I Wanna See as showcasing our “great commitment to rich musical performance and dynamic design and staging.” The world premiere of Field Hockey Hot was hailed as “100 minutes of sublime lunacy in music that no theatergoer can afford to miss” (City Paper). The audience response to our Next Step Concert Series has been remarkable, with numerous audience members regularly attending talkbacks after each performance to engage in discussion about new and seldom seen musicals.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Best and Worst Cities to Be a Dog

A pair of Great Danes strutting through Soho. Photo: Andres Kudacki

If you're a human the biggest draws to a city may include good jobs, accessible culture, and 24-hour bodegas. If you're a dog you might be more interested in the number of fire hydrants and patches of grass. But these days, cities are treating dogs like luxury-condo residents, only instead of wellness rooms and ping pong tables they've got surf parks and members only clubs. In this way, cities are mirroring the priorities of urban dog owners, who are spending $23 billion on pet food (including vegan and gluten free varieties) and $15 billion on medical care (which in some cases means medicinal cannabis). New York dogs are no legally allowed to enjoy outdoor cafes and, JFK is about to open massive pet terminal. In the past five years, cities across the country have increased the number of off leash dog parks by 20 percent. And there are now canine retirement homes in Tokyo. Which is not to say there are not pleanty of places like Yulin, China, which host an annual dog meat festival where a dog might wish for some urban enlightenment.

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